You know, I’ve never had to do worldbuilding for entire world before. I’ve done some for a couple continents on a planet and a single country on a planet, but nothing on the scale of *building a world*. How’s it done?

My draft 3 is working its way through a critique group and I will not start revisions until the entire story has been critiqued — so until then, once I’m done giving the critiques I owe my group, I have time on my hands. I thought I’d play around with figuring out how the world depicted in Night Shift changes after that story ends.

But it’s daunting. There’s been destruction on a global scale, but like many disasters, some areas are better off than others. How to decide on a single scenario?

Gave this further thought and realized the single biggest issue facing the world is the fact that demons caused the destruction. That would cause backlashes against organized religions; possibly against secular states too, by religious people who feel there wasn’t enough spirituality in the world to prevent an attack by demons.

Then consider how that would affect all the nations. We are a global community, interdependent on each other for so many services and goods. Transportation would be disrupted, getting fuel and energy where it needs to go would be difficult, communication would be impossible in some areas by phone or digital technology. We’re talking armies turning against their own countries type of destruction.

Still, I don’t want to come up with yet another dystopian story. Oh the world is falling apart and we’re all at each other’s throats! What’s next, sparkly vampires? LOL!

So am still working through the details, but it’s good to have a start. I’ll let y’all know how it goes!


2 thoughts on “Worldbuilding

    • Well, maybe. You know how it is when you get all caught up in your own world and characters. Things do not end in a tidy package when the first story comes to a close so I’d kind of like to find out what happens! Thanks for stopping in, Reesie.


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