Weekend Writing Warriors: 1/31/16: Serving the greater good

Happy last day of January! Days are lengthening. Soon this cold stuff here in the northern hemisphere will be a memory. Until then, settle back with a cup of your favorite drink and read the fun excerpts at Weekend Writing Warriors. Just about all genres are covered 🙂

Posting from my novel-in-progress, working title Night Shift. Devorah has passed on information to the angel Adrael about some sort of shake-up being planned at high levels of the demon hierarchy. She also mentioned that she heard something that might lead to finding out who really killed her father and why. When she asks Adrael for help with that second thing, he tells her that whatever the demons are planning is a bigger concern. She asks if they can investigate both. Adrael is the only speak in this excerpt; Mr. Barsukov is Kazimir, her mentor, who is also in the scene. In six sentences, too!

“Possibly, however, it must be understood that at any time you may need to fully involve yourself in the larger matter. Personal affairs must always remain second priority.” He raised a hand when I started to speak. “Allow me a further moment. I recognize that your father’s passing was and continues to be a crucial driving force in your life, even as you work alongside Mr. Barsukov in the Crosser mission. I remind you that such investigations do not serve the greater good, to which you have pledged yourself.”

You can find previous excerpts here.

I’m still working on aspects of the plot. I’m posting chapters at Scribophile. The story is told in first person from Devorah’s POV, and it’s a good thing I’m getting feedback on this draft because I didn’t realize that some parts are so deeply in Devorah’s POV that readers sometimes get confused 🙂 Some stuff that’s in my head didn’t make it onto the computer screen 🙂 I think that’s inevitable for most writers which is why we need critiquers we can rely on. Writing is a fascinating process. Sometimes, when I’m able to spend concentrated time writing, I get as tired from thinking as from physically exercising!

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Weekend Writing Warriors 1/24/16: angel in denim

Well friends, it’s Sunday again and that means Weekend Writing Warriors are back. Be sure to visit the home page for this fun blog hop, where you’ll find links to a lot of pretty darn good writing excerpts!

My excerpt today takes place a few paragraphs after the previous one. Our heroine, Devorah, is talking to her mentor, Kazimir, explaining what she heard from one of her demon friends. The news is not altogether good although she does hear something she takes as a clue in her father’s unsolved murder. Devorah is the POV character. And she’s a demon too 🙂 (Barsukov is Kazimir’s last name. Adrael has a habit of referring to him that way)

I repeated a bit of the info then stopped when a patch of air to my left began to shimmer. “Oh good, Adrael needs to know this too.” 

The shimmering resolved itself into Adrael. Without wings and wearing denim, he was pretty far from a Christmas card angel. His resemblance to Liam Neeson still gave me a little flutter. He bowed his head toward both of us then laced his fingers together. “Blessings of the Most High be upon you, dear ones. I do hope that my visit finds each of you in good health and glad mood. I do very much apologize for this intrusion into your privacy, but I have been asked to request assistance from Mr. Barsukov in a matter with which he does have some familiarity.” 

Adrael is one of those characters whose speech pattern emerged intact when I wrote his very first scene. He annoyed me a little at first but then I got to enjoy it. Isn’t it interesting how some characters arrive in our heads fully assembled and others need tools and instructions? It’s that very difference that, to me, makes the art of writing so attractive. The easy characters are ones authors fall in love with right away; the difficult ones often take time to appreciate, though by the time we know them well, sometimes we want to give them a kick in the pants!

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Weekend Writing Warriors 1/10/16 Blue streaks and spilled beans

Here I am again, sorry I missed the last couple weeks. Continuing to post from my novel-in-progress, working title Night Shift. This is for Weekend Writing Warriors – which, as you may know, is an awesome blog hop not just for writers, but readers too. Just about every genre is represented, so please do have a look at the other excerpts from fantastic writers.

For this week’s excerpt, I’m staying in the same scene. Previous excerpts are here and here. The first person speaking is Kazimir, who is Devorah’s (our heroine) mentor. This bit explains what drives Devorah throughout the novel.

“I thought you and Azura went shopping,” he said. “What happened to your dirty-blonde hair?”

“I’m water-aligned, so yeah, blue streaks. Listen, Azura spilled a lot of beans. Something’s going on upstairs that us soldiers aren’t supposed to know about, and our demon group might have something to do with my dad’s death. That might be why the cops’ investigation stalled. This might be the break I’ve been waiting for.”

This is still very much a work in progress. Some of my current critiquers are still expressing some confusion over events in the first chapter, so I fully expect that to be reworked a bunch of times.

The issue of names continues to be something of an issue for some folks. Some are telling me the first chapter verges on having too many, others say they really want the main character’s name in the first scene (and some say they don’t care), some want to know who everybody is right away and how they all relate to each other. Ihhh, this is chapter ONE, guys. If I explain the relationships right now, then I’ll be told the chapter bogs down.

Writing is hard, and sometimes reading is too, apparently!

Please keep your fingers crossed that the dreaded Lake Effect Snow Machine only cranks up to the lowest level this week. I’ve had enough of the cold white stuff to last sixty years! And thanks for visiting my little blog.