Weekend Writing Warriors: why is this so important

Hi friends, I’m back with another excerpt for Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop that serves up dish after tasty dish of food for your soul, whether you’re a writer or just a reader!

I’m sure there will be plenty of romantic snippets this week, with the Valentine’s holiday. I’ll leave that to other writers — I like to be different 🙂 I’m skipping ahead some paragraphs from my last excerpt. The angel Adrael has requested help from Kazimir, Devorah’s mentor, to capture the demon known as Thaumiel. Kaz left the room and Devorah wondered what he’s put out about. When he returns, he’s in better spirits. (Devorah is the POV character)

“Angel, it’s gonna work this time — spasibo.” Kazimir lifted the glass of vodka in salute then drained it.

“Wait a minute,” I said. “You talk to Adrael like he knows why this is so important to you, but I don’t. I need to know if I’m going to be involved.”

He smacked the glass down. His whole body seemed to tense up. “Thaumiel’s responsible for my wife’s death.”

How’s that for a Valentine’s day downer? LOL! In my defense, I’m not writing a romance, and there’s little of the warm fuzzies that other writers will have for you today. I suppose I could have posted something from the sex scene 😀

You can find other excerpts from this story here.

Thanks for visiting. I try to run a neat inn!


16 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: why is this so important

  1. Loving it! And I’m so glad you didn’t go for the hearts and flowers stuff! That’s not my genre anyway, and it sometimes gets a bit much on Valentine’s Day. Blech. Thanks so much for sharing!


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