Weekend Writing Warriors: All that pain was my fault

Happy third week of February, friends! We’ll get through this winter yet! If your climate is already mild, well, get out and enjoy it — after, that is, you check out other writing excerpts at Weekend Writing Warriors!

Continuing on with the same scene from my work in progress, the novel tentatively titled Night Shift. Kazimir told Devorah that the demon Thaumiel was responsible for his wife’s death. I’m skipping most of the explanation he gives, except to say that Kazimir admits to going on a weeks-long rampage through the countryside, burning forests and villages (he’s actually part human and part fire-aligned demon).

Devorah sits beside him (he’s sitting cross-legged on his bed with a laptop) and says she understands how hard it must have hit him to find his wife dead. But he objects to that sentiment:

“No you don’t. I was a demon then, it didn’t bother me the way your dad’s death bothered you. But then I realized something.” He dropped the computer next to himself on the bed then pulled it back onto his lap. “I was up on a hillside looking over the smoldering remains of a village and I could hear people sobbing. Lamentation torn straight from the bottom of their broken hearts. I did that. All that pain was my fault.”

And that is why he joined the Crossers, the organized group of demons who have regained some of their humanity and now work against the Dark from the inside. He’s got a lot to make up for.

I’m so pleased that you took a few minutes to stop by today and maybe leave a comment. I will return visits, though it may take me a day or two to do it. Sunday is part of Hockey Weekend Across America and I need to watch hockey!


17 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: All that pain was my fault

  1. He sounds so matter-of-fact, but then ” Lamentation torn straight from the bottom of their broken hearts” is kind of a gut-punch, showing how seriously he takes this. I love this world you’ve built and the characters in it!.


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