Weekend Writing Warriors: We’re only going to get one shot

Happy end of February, everybody! Got ourselves an extra day of it though. Still feels like a novelty, even after all these years.

Are you ready for more Weekend Writing Warriors? We’re the blog hop for writers (and readers) where you can find excerpts from published works and those still in the birthing process 🙂 In almost any genre you can think of, too, so be sure to visit the home page.

For my post this week, I’ve skipped ahead a few paragraphs from last time. You can find previous excerpts here. Devorah and her mentor Kazimir have been asked to help the angels capture the demon Thaumiel. Kaz shows her the website for an ecclesiastical conference happening soon in their city; she reads the guest of honor list and asks if that wouldn’t attract other demons as well. Kaz answers:

“That’s where my familiarity with him comes in. I’ve tracked him over four continents. He’ll stake his claim on this and everybody else will clear out. He’s a lieutenant colonel, high enough to make more than half of hell obey him and the others have different preferences. But we’re only going to get one shot at him and there are potential issues that need to get resolved.”

He pushed the laptop at me, grabbed his phone off the bedside table and started pacing. I plugged the cooling pad into the computer. It beat me how fire-aligned demons like Kazimir didn’t fry their electronics.

I guess that’s part of being a demon! Devorah is the lowest level of rank in the demon hierarchy and Kaz is only 2 levels above that – what do you think their chances are of capturing a lieutenant colonel? Any better if they get some help? I bet you can guess!

Thanks for visiting my little blog today. That comment box down there is just waiting for you to add something – so don’t be shy!


17 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: We’re only going to get one shot

  1. Not shy here but how the heck do they expect to trap and destroy the bad guy? Maybe tie him up and force him to watch Gilligan’s Island-every season it ran! That might do the trick. Good writing, my friend. Just having a wee bit of fun here.


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