Weekend Writing Warriors: We create a bit of hell

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Happy Easter everybody, and Happy Spring 😀 The northeast U.S. is in for a cold first week of April, according to meteorologists, but since I live beside Lake Erie, that’s something I’m used to! I’ve been snowed on in MAY, for crying out loud! It takes more than that to dim my enthusiasm for the coming mild season.

Still excerpting from my novel-in-progress Night Shift, which is not exactly a sunny story, but oh well! You can find previous snippets here. And don’t forget to visit the Weekend Writing Warriors home page to find links to a whole bunch of great writing. It’s a perfect way to find new authors and stories, or even join in yourself!

Devorah and her mentor Kazimir have been asked to capture the demon known as Thaumiel. Devorah and Kaz are low-level demons too, though they’re usually in human form. Kazimir has explained that he wants to set up the trap to catch Thaumiel in the basement of a synagogue, despite the fact that in this world, demons can’t enter holy spaces. I’m skipping over some details because after all, I gotta save some things 😉

Devorah speaks first, followed by Kaz.

“I assume you have a work-around for the fact that we can’t enter holy spaces as demons.”

“There’s a couple of options. First is that we enter the building as servants of the Light and do the whole operation that way. I don’t like that option because it doesn’t allow us to react if anything goes wrong. If Thaumiel weakens the trap, we wouldn’t be strong enough to contain him. We might not have the precious seconds needed to shift to demon form. There will be angels present but if he’s strong enough to weaken the trap, the angels might have trouble trying to contain him by themselves.”

“That makes sense – what’s option two?”

“We create a little bit of hell in the room where the trap is set so we can function as demons.”

Devorah is not pleased, because the synagogue in question is the one she attended before becoming a demon. Yikes!

I think I’m going to skip ahead to the next chapter after this. A bunch more stuff happens and hopefully you’ll find that interesting. As always, thanks for visiting. Writing for myself is okay, but it’s a lot more fun doing it for readers.


Weekend Writing Warriors: life is not black and white

Hello peeps. Happy spring, for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere! It’s always wonderful to be able to say it’s officially spring.

We’re back to another post for Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop where participants share up to 8 sentences of one of their own works, published or unpublished. It’s a fabulous way to find new writers and stories. 🙂

I’m continuing with excerpts from my work-in-progress, working title Night Shift. Devorah and her mentor Kazimir have been asked by the angels to capture the demon known as Thaumiel, who is high-ranking and therefore powerful. Kazimir phoned his friends Kwame and Vishram who agreed to help. Devorah has called Kaz out for contacting Crossers who no longer work with him; it’s normal procedure for Crossers not to contact each other once they move on. That makes it harder for demons to track down their enemies, the people known as Crossers. Kazimir is speaking first. You can find previous excerpts here.

“Life is not as black and white as the angels think. Vishram and Kwame know all the risks and next to me, they know Thaumiel best. I’ll find them a place to hole up in until we snag our Moby Dick then they’ll disappear. I’ve got to start planning and you can’t help me yet, so maybe go practice your water whip. But don’t fuck up my plumbing again.”

He picked up the Lenovo laptop and leaned back against the overstuffed pillows on the bed but didn’t open the computer. “You know, we have to start thinking about you moving to another apartment. In another building.”

Hmm, is he tired of her poor plumbing skills or is there another reason he doesn’t want her in the same apartment?

I’m sorry I didn’t respond to everybody who was kind enough to leave a comment on my last post. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been dealing with a frantic co-worker who was convinced she had to save the whole world all by herself, and it had to be saved yesterday. This is a normally pleasant, unassuming woman who is so bad at prioritizing work and handling stress that she got snarly and swore a blue streak! Many of them!

Plus over the last couple of weeks, I was trying to sort out a bad situation with an online group. The moderators insisted that I had been given several warnings and unequivocally refused to listen when I told them my message box had nothing that could be construed as a warning, let alone several of them. But they said that a bunch of other members didn’t want to work with me anymore because I had a “pattern” of being disrespectful and defensive. They did not bother to explain why they didn’t kick me out sooner if so many people complained about me. There’s no point in staying in a group if members have a negative opinion of you, so I left.

I’d been a member of that site for nearly 4 years and had many very nice relationships in place. I enjoyed the site a lot and will miss it. So with that issue, my nutty co-worker, and having lost an hour of sleep with this silly time change, I’ve been emotionally exhausted.

I do however promise to return visits this week 🙂 I do appreciate visits and constructive comments. There’s too much meanness in the world and it’s very pleasant to pop on to this blog hop!

Weekend Writing Warriors: How far back does the plan go?

If it’s the weekend, it must be time for Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop where writers share up to 10 sentences from an original work of theirs, published or unpublished. It’s a great way to find new writers or just spend a while reading the creative excerpts from our talented participants! You name the genre, and at least one of our writers will have something in it.

My post this weekend continues the scene from last time. Our heroine Devorah and her mentor Kazimir have been asked to capture the high-ranking demon known as Thaumiel. You can find previous excerpts here. The characters have heard that some kind of major upheaval is being planned at top levels of the demon hierarchy, and they’re worried that will be bad for humanity. Meanwhile, Kazimir looked up the website for the ecclesiastic conference that he expects will draw Thaumiel’s attention. That would offer the perfect opportunity to trap and capture him. Kaz grabs his phone leaving his laptop with Devorah. Margate is the fictional American city where the story takes place.

Kazimir exchanged some rapid-fire Russian chatter with whoever he’d called. I wondered about the conference. The group picked Margate because of the fighting that broke out around Halloween the last few years. A lot of people felt the violence was religiously motivated; it did seem to target Wiccans first. Had local demons started the yearly violence as part of whatever the coming shake-up was? Did the plan go back as far as that?

Kazimir’s voice got more animated as he talked around a big smile and gesticulated as if he was casting some spell. Finally he slapped the phone back on the table. “Otlichno! Kwame’s going to scoop up Vishram and they’ll join us in a day or two–they’re friends of mine from way back.” 

Oh good, I hear you saying. They’ll have help nabbing that evil demon! You know what they say about the best laid plans … 😉

I hope you’re enjoying the excerpts so far, and thanks for visiting. I always have fun writing these characters. But I’ve been thinking, it can be hard to convey in writing what I see in my head. Somebody needs to invent technology that will capture the visuals in my head and display them on a screen. That would be the bomb!!