Weekend Writing Warriors: We create a bit of hell

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Happy Easter everybody, and Happy Spring 😀 The northeast U.S. is in for a cold first week of April, according to meteorologists, but since I live beside Lake Erie, that’s something I’m used to! I’ve been snowed on in MAY, for crying out loud! It takes more than that to dim my enthusiasm for the coming mild season.

Still excerpting from my novel-in-progress Night Shift, which is not exactly a sunny story, but oh well! You can find previous snippets here. And don’t forget to visit the Weekend Writing Warriors home page to find links to a whole bunch of great writing. It’s a perfect way to find new authors and stories, or even join in yourself!

Devorah and her mentor Kazimir have been asked to capture the demon known as Thaumiel. Devorah and Kaz are low-level demons too, though they’re usually in human form. Kazimir has explained that he wants to set up the trap to catch Thaumiel in the basement of a synagogue, despite the fact that in this world, demons can’t enter holy spaces. I’m skipping over some details because after all, I gotta save some things 😉

Devorah speaks first, followed by Kaz.

“I assume you have a work-around for the fact that we can’t enter holy spaces as demons.”

“There’s a couple of options. First is that we enter the building as servants of the Light and do the whole operation that way. I don’t like that option because it doesn’t allow us to react if anything goes wrong. If Thaumiel weakens the trap, we wouldn’t be strong enough to contain him. We might not have the precious seconds needed to shift to demon form. There will be angels present but if he’s strong enough to weaken the trap, the angels might have trouble trying to contain him by themselves.”

“That makes sense – what’s option two?”

“We create a little bit of hell in the room where the trap is set so we can function as demons.”

Devorah is not pleased, because the synagogue in question is the one she attended before becoming a demon. Yikes!

I think I’m going to skip ahead to the next chapter after this. A bunch more stuff happens and hopefully you’ll find that interesting. As always, thanks for visiting. Writing for myself is okay, but it’s a lot more fun doing it for readers.


13 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: We create a bit of hell

  1. “We create a little bit of hell in the room where the trap is set so we can function as demons.”

    Now that is a splendid sentence, Marcia!

    So which option will cause the most mayhem? I choose thar one ;-}


  2. This is a great snippet for so many reasons. You took a lot of time explaining the first option and its pitfalls, then cut to the chase with the second option (which I also prefer :D). Amazing writing!


  3. I have been looking in vain for Owl Lady Writer in the WWW list so I could comment on your snippet, and this week I have finally realised that you are Marcia. Sorry I haven’t been here before.

    Because the story is new to me it is hard for me to grasp what it is about, but it sounds quite intriguing to me. I shall come back again, now that I know your alias!


  4. LOL! You guys are a riot! I get the best laughs from your reactions! Thank you all so very much for stopping by and commenting.

    Rachel, so sorry I didn’t make it easier for you to find me. It’s kind of you to persevere until you did.

    Charmaine, maybe I should base one of the demons on you, eh? LOL!

    As for option two, well, that automatically lends itself to a more interesting story 😉 Maybe next week I’ll post from that part of the novel.


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