Weekend Writing Warriors: blessing before the fight

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Happy April, folks! Even though our winter didn’t get underway until January, I’m well and truly done with the cold. Except that temps this coming week are supposed to be below normal *sigh* But the crocus, snowdrops, daffodils, hyacinths are blooming so warm weather’s right around the corner.

Spring is a creative time, and the other writers who join in the Weekend Writing Warriors  blog hop have been busy. There’s science fiction, romance, YA, historicals, fantasy, and more—stop by and find your next favorite author!

You can find previous excerpts of my novel-in-progress Night Shift here. Now in the basement of Temple Beth El, Devorah and her mentor Kazimir are preparing to trap the high-ranking demon known as Thaumiel. Kaz’s friends Vishram and Kwame are with them. The main part of the trap is something called a demon bowl—a ceramic bowl engraved with “spells” and sometimes humanoid figures. The bowls were made in Babylonia, some possibly by Jewish captives. Kaz has set this one with a gem in the middle that will serve as a focus stone.

Kaz spoke in a reverential tone I didn’t hear often. “Holy of Holies, One Without End, Highest and Most Perfect, I come before you as your servant to ask that you bless this bowl and focus stone. Tonight I, together with your servants Vishram, Kwame, and Devorah, and a host of holy angels together with your servant Adrael, gather to entrap the lilu known as Thaumiel. I ask that you allow the centuries of ambient holy energy contained by this temple to enter this focus stone so that the trap may be powerful enough to hold a demon as strong as Thaumiel. Holy energy, fill this stone in the name of the God of Light. Almighty One, I give you eternal gratitude, for this and for the many blessings you have granted me.”

The hair at the back of my neck stood on end as a faint white mist covered the bowl for a split second. Or had it been my imagination?

They seem to be preparing well. There are four people, a large group of angels will also be in the room, and a key part of the trap has apparently been blessed by the Almighty. This should be easy, right?

I’ve been trying to shake the influence of TV to get back to my chapters. I don’t watch much TV generally, but have discovered that one of our local secondary channels shows Westerns; movies and some episodes from serials. This is bad for my muse. Westerns, oddly, are my guilty pleasure. I’d include chocolate in that but I don’t feel guilty about that!


13 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: blessing before the fight

  1. Good incantation. It sounded quite believable. 🙂 That having been said by a girl raised in the Roman Catholic church, went to Catholic school, and hung around a Catholic seminary for an hour every afternoon (after school) waiting for my dad to get off work there.

    I actually pictured the seminary when I read this snippet. There was always something so secretive, so ancient about it all…


    • Thanks, Reesie! I was going to write something less Christian-sounding, but thinking about it more, I realized Kazimir would’ve been taught incantations using a Christian frame of reference because that’s what he was most familiar with when he became a Crosser. He could have put a Hindu spin on this invocation and it would have worked just as well, because in this story, the god of Light is not restricted to just a few religions.



  2. It sounds very real – and the sudden misting of the bowl is a very neat way of hinting that it is effective, too. Let’s hope it works – taking on a demon is a dangerous game!


  3. Glad that I now know that Owl Lady and Marcia are one and the same. Your writing sounds wonderful, but is so out of my range of experience, that I am at a loss to know what I can add to the above comments, except to say that I share your lack of guilt about chocolate, unfortunately.


  4. Despite their methodical preparations and realistic incantation, I don’t think this is going to be easy.

    And I agree about TV. One of the things I had to do to get serious about writing was to give up TV, or at least serials that hook me into watching week after week. An occasional hockey or baseball game, fine. Movies are fine as well, because they’re one-time occurrences. But serials? Get thee behind me, Satan!

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