Weekend Writing Warriors: Dancing in the dark

Allentown Art Fest 2016Well folks, this is going to be a short post ’cause I’m plumb tired. However I don’t want to miss this week’s edition of Weekend Writing Warriors, the weekly blog hop where writers share 8 – 10 sentences from one of their own works and the rest of us visit, read, and comment. If you haven’t taken part yet, try it, you’ll like it!

Moving ahead with my novel-in-progress, working title Night Shift. You can find previous excerpts here. I’ve had some excerpts with characterization and world building; this one gets directly to the plot. Devorah and Kazimir have gone to see one of their acquaintances, Anton, who is also a demon. They’re looking for info on the electricity blackout that just hit the city; Devorah and Kaz have reason to suspect demons are responsible. M-North is the demon group Devorah and Kaz belong to, Southside is a rival group. Azura also belongs to M-North and Tark is the group’s overseer.

“What’s up with all these blackouts, dude?” Kazimir asked. “Too much going on to be coincidence. Is Tark playing at something or is this somebody else?”

“Not sure. . .kind of strange ’cause I’m only seeing tweets and texts from Southside and M-North. Josselyn in particular, she keeps tweeting ‘LOL suckers!’ I don’t know who she’s directing that at.”

“Azura seems kind of high on the blackout,” Kazimir said, studying his phone, “with all those repetitions of ‘let’s go dancing in the dark.’ But then it’s Azura, so maybe not weird.”

Anton moved a finger across the phone’s surface, scrolling messages. “You know who’s conspicuously quiet on Twitter tonight — Quinn.”

Ah, now we’re getting into it 🙂 Who’s Quinn? You’ll find out 🙂

I’m plumb tired because I spent all afternoon at the Allentown Art Festival. More than 400 vendors line Delaware Avenue for several blocks and spill over into the side streets. I spent too much money again but got some awesome stuff–I can’t pass up elegant owls! It’s also a perfect occasion for people watching. At Allentown, anything goes. You see people who bring The Illustrated Man to life, street musicians of course, a fellow giving his pet Chihuahua a ride on his shoulders, a couple peeps riding tall unicycles, and my favorite from a few years back, a guy playing guitar with an amp strapped to his back, rolling along on roller skates. Festival attendees are a mix of boho and retro! Temp was 78 (about 25 centigrade) and despite threats of a weather apocalypse, the skies were sunny which made it seem hotter. After five hours, I was glad for an early dinner at the iconic Towne Restaurant complete with baklava for dessert 🙂 then off home.

I hope your weekend has been wonderful, and thanks for visiting my blog. I sure appreciate it!


15 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Dancing in the dark

  1. Thanks, friends. I’m pleased you guys are interested! We’ll find out more about Quinn next time . . . as an additional teaser, the word Devorah uses to describe him is “weasely” 😉


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