Weekend Writing Warriors: Quinn

Moon and Mars 06-17-16

Ready, set, hop! Blog hop, that is. Every Sunday us Weekend Writing Warriors get together to post excerpts from our own works then hop to each other’s blogs for reading, commenting, and general writerly enjoyment. I guarantee you’ll find at least one story that catches your imagination, probably three or four 🙂

Previous excerpts of my novel-in-progress (working title Night Shift) are here. Kazimir has decided Quinn’s silence on Twitter is important so he and Devorah pay him a visit. Devorah’s not exactly pleased about that. Who is Quinn? Here’s an introduction.

Quinn always had some nice vodka—though not imported like Kazimir’s—and his apartment wasn’t as dingy as our own overseer’s but that was as close as I could come to complimenting him. He had the sort of small, shifty eyes mentioned in 1950s detective novels as marking the criminals. He didn’t even have the good manners to turn off the TV when people were visiting, just turned it down. For an overseer, he left a lot to be desired.

Quinn’s was one of the places I didn’t mind Kaz’s pretense of possessiveness. Quinn had plenty of seating but Kazimir pulled me onto his lap without a struggle from me. Quinn’s beady eyes swept up and down my body. I tried to turn away.

Yeah I wouldn’t be happy about being in his apartment either. After writing about him for a while, I started to feel like I needed a shower! Quinn is a full demon, unlike Devorah and Kazimir who are also servants of the Light. Therefore, I didn’t feel bad when — oh don’t want to give anything away! 😀

The photo at top is the moon and Mars, taken from my front porch on June 17, 2016 with my iPad. Mars, you say? It’s there, honest. It’s a pin dot of light about halfway between the tree and the right edge of the photo, and about halfway between the top and bottom edges of the photo. Not exactly material for Astronomy magazine, but not bad for an iPad.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to visit my blog.

Happy Father’s Day to any guy who’s a dad, a father figure, or a mentor — whether your “kids” have two feet, four feet, fur, feathers, or scales 😀


9 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Quinn

  1. Kim and Chelle, Kazimir knows Quinn is creepy too, so Kaz is making an effort at keeping him away from Devorah. She and Kazimir have to keep up the charade of being full demons because basically they’re working undercover, so the pretense comes in handy here.

    Christina, I’ve got a fairly clear picture of Kaz in my head and I’d take any opportunity to cling to him, LOL!

    Veronica and Ed, thanks so much, that means a lot coming from you guys 😀


  2. Got some major alarms ringing over Quinn. Makes me want to “nope” the heck out of there.

    I see the speck of teeny Mars. It tends to get lost amongst the stars over here.


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