Weekend Writing Warriors: The whole ball of wax

temperature 062516I’d quote some songs about summer but don’t want to get slapped with a copyright infringement lawsuit 🙂 so here’s something almost as good–the current temperature reading as of 9:30 in the evening. My kind of weather!

Never mind that, it’s time for Weekend Writing Warriors! The weekly blog hop for authors and readers! Check out the list on the home page for links to great excerpts from talented writers.

Continuing with the scene from my novel-in-progress, working title Night Shift. You can find previous snippets here. Devorah and Kazimir are visiting Quinn, one of the local demon overseers. Kaz tries to get Quinn to admit he has the important info he and Devorah believe Quinn’s got, knowing he’ll want something in return if he agrees to talk. Eventually, Quinn does admit to knowing something. Quinn has been after Kazimir for years to leave the demon group he belongs to and join Southside, the group Quinn is overseer of. So naturally Kaz thinks that’s what Quinn wants in exchange. (This excerpt has been edited to fit WeWriWa’s guidelines.)

“Details?” Kazimir said, “names, timing, all of that?”

Quinn nodded, “the whole ball of wax—it’s good to know people in high places.”

Kazimir sat forward. “All right, cash, drugs, weapons, what?”

“Oh that’s petty stuff, I said the whole ball of wax.”  

His expression was smug enough for him to be telling the truth. Did he know things Tark didn’t? Was Southside in a better position for whatever was coming?

“I haven’t defected from any group in years,” Kazimir said, “that’s worth more than vague comments.”

“Well, Russian, you’ll be happy to know that’s not what I had in mind.”

Cue the ominous music! What Quinn wants has a major impact on Devorah, causing her to make some not so good choices.

The current draft of Night Shift is almost ready for beta readers; just need to tweak a couple more things. Microsoft Word tells me the draft is just barely shy of 82k words. I’m supposing I’ll add some because I feel the worldbuilding might need to be expanded in places. Goodness knows there’s enough dialog, maybe too much!

I should be thinking about whether I want to go the query route or jump into self-publishing. Either way, I’m not looking forward to spending a bunch of time promoting the book, partly because I don’t really know how to promote anything and partly because if I’m doing that, I can’t be writing. *shrug* Always something, ain’t it?

I should’ve written a few short stories first and worked on selling those. That might make selling a novel easier. Always something 😉 Thanks for visiting today, it’s always appreciated!


15 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: The whole ball of wax

  1. Uh-oh! Assumptions are always risky, aren’t they?

    82k is perfectly OK for a novel. Tiamat’s Nest is only 85k. Personally I find it easier to start lean and add where needed, than have to trim fat. I look for opportunities to expand on setting or character, as long as it enhances the story in some way, and make sure I bring in more senses than just the visual.

    As for promotion, I suck at that too, but unless you’re an A-list author you get stuck with that even with a traditional contract. *shrugs* I’m going with the advice that the best form of promotion is to keep writing and get more books out there.


    • Thanks Ian, I appreciate your insights! Frankly I’m wondering what, if any in 2016, are the advantages of going traditional vs self-pubbing. Why didn’t I pursue this 20 years ago when new authors had more of a chance of being guided by an agent or editor? *sigh* Well, this is what we got nowadays. Keep writing–great advice I think.


  2. Interesting that Quinn wants something else entirely. Great snippet! It is true that writing the next book is the best promotion, especially when you’ll have only one book out there. Not saying it isn’t terrific to have one published, great accomplishment! But for promo to be effective for most people, they need more titles. Best wishes either way, 82K is respectable!


  3. Kim and Amy, Quinn’s going to regret his request, is all I’ll say 😉

    Veronica, thanks very much! Write, write, write . . . oh golly, you mean I gotta do more of this? Oh the suffering, the struggling, how will I manage! –already getting ideas for the follow-up story, of course 😀


  4. I think Quinn is going to need to be more specific.

    Congrats on nearing the end. Personally, I love lots of dialogue (obviously 😀)

    I’ll echo the advice above: just keep writing. You don’t want to spend too much time and money until you have more than one book. Kboards.com is a great resource for self-pubbing, because it’s not just the promotion- it’s packaging.


  5. Nancy and Caitlin, yep, that’s the way demons operate. Nobody wants to admit anything before getting an assurance he’ll get something valuable in return.

    SM, I’m glad you’re curious, that was definitely the aim of this snippet 🙂

    All of you fine feathered visitors, thanks for alighting at my blog, I appreciate it!


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