Marcia lives in New York State. No, not the Big Apple,  she lives in non-New-York-City.

She has been writing fiction for some 40 years, beginning in grade school. Although her first love in fiction is fantasy, she spent a number of years writing a modern “My Fair Lady” tale set in 1980s Los Angeles. She describes the novel as “poor Latino gangbanger meets rich white rock musician.” This novel has the working title Street Glass and Marcia hopes to return to it when her writing skills are up to what the story demands.

Marcia decided to take the plunge into the dichotomy that is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in 2013. She came out the other side with the bones of the fantasy novel Night Shift. She wrote her very first outline ever prior to completing draft 3 of the novel, having discovered that writing “by the seat of her pants” only produces scenes of loosely related drivel.

In Night Shift, Devorah wants to find out why her father was killed; as police chief he had enemies but she believes it’s something more. But then comes news of something big being planned at high levels in the demon hierarchy and it’s up to Devorah and her mentor Kazimir to find out what it is before it tears up humanity.

As draft 3, the story is being workshopped at Scribophile.com in the Ubergroup subgroup. All hail Uberlord Jerry!

Marcia considers the works of J.R.R. Tolkien to be a strong early influence. Other favorite authors include Katherine Kurtz and Neil Gaiman.

Marcia enjoys gardening and stargazing. She’s also keen on animal rights issues.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Marcia; I followed your Facebook link over here. It’s been a long time. Your new site looks great!. I loved your WIP, “Street Glass”. Will check out the new one also. Cheers!


    • Ooh hi Debbie! So pleased you found your way here. I’m flattered that you remember Street Glass. I’d like to get back to that one day, but for now Night Shift is keeping me busy. Hope to see you here now and then 🙂

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