Weekend Writing Warriors 12/13/15

Hello all 🙂 Welcome to my new blog. I’m still in the process of setting it up so it’s bit sparse, but I hope you’ll check back from time to time.

I’m sharing the beginning of my 2013 NaNo novel, working title Night Shift. It’s currently in draft 3. This is the beginning of chapter 1. The chapter will undergo changes as it’s already clear from early critiques that there’s too much going on, however, this part will probably stay somewhere in the chapter.

Here is my excerpt in 10:

I slipped my phone out of my purse, turned away from the other people at the bus stop, and pulled up elemental energy from inside myself. Water droplets seeped from my fingers onto the surface of the phone. I wasn’t good at this yet but Kazimir hadn’t answered a conventional ringtone. “Aqua,” I whispered, “connect me to Kazimir.”

Tingling ran from my fingers up past my elbow. The droplets turned a deep blue as they sank into the phone, which flashed repeatedly in a fit of digital coughing. Seconds later, Kaz’s number appeared on the display. I considered how to catch his attention if he was ogling some hot young thing. I took a couple more steps away and kept my voice low. “Kazimir Barsukov, answer your fucking phone, you sorry excuse for a KGB agent!”

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As a member of Scribophile.com, I’m running this draft past teammates in the Ubergroup. As described by Jerry Quinn, group leader: “The principles of the Ubergroup are work ethic, positive attitude, teamwork and helping each other becoming better writers.” Ya can’t beat that!

Do let me know what you like, and don’t like, about my excerpt.WeWriWa has some seasoned readers, writers, and critiquers and I value your input. 🙂