Weekend Writing Warriors: demons can’t enter holy places


Hello friends, hope your summer is going well; or winter, if you’re in the southern hemisphere. I’ve sent my novel-in-progress Night Shift off to one beta reader and hope to find more peeps willing to read the whole thing. Draft 4 comes in, after some changes, at half a hair under 82k words. I’m sure some changes will still need to happen.

For this week’s Weekend Writing Warriors excerpt, I’m continuing with the scene from the last post. Weekend what, you say? We’re the weekly blog hop where authors post 8 – 10 sentences from one of their own works, then we hop around to each other’s blogs for some great reading and commenting. it’s kind of the definition of fun 🙂

Devorah is talking to Father John in one of the confessional booths in St. Benedict’s church. Someone asked last time if Fr. John would be bound by the usual oath of secrecy for this conversation, but I don’t think so because a true confessional was never started. As soon as she was alone in the booth, she identified herself before Fr. John could speak. She’s only being secretive because she doesn’t want any demons to know she’s visiting the priest, not because she’s telling him about anything illegal. In this scene, she’s asked Fr. John about the renovations going on in the church.

“The construction crew is working in the apse now. I don’t know if you remember, but that was one of the areas with water damage from the spring storms a couple years ago. We took out the cabinets in the sacristy the other day and found extensive floor damage.”

Of course I remembered, my dad died not long after those storms came through; it was two years and five weeks ago, in fact. “Wasn’t St. Benedict’s closed for a month to get all the damage repaired?”

“Yes, I don’t know how they pulled the wool over Father Albert’s eyes while I was in the hospital, but that shoddy work is why we’re seeing problems now. We found something a little strange behind one of the cabinets, some sort of artwork. I’m sure it’s stolen, it looks like some kind of icon. It probably fell out of one of those clowns’ toolboxes after working somewhere else.”

At least that had nothing to do with demons since they couldn’t enter holy places.

It’s true that demons can’t enter holy places, but others can. *wink wink*

Saturday I visited some of the more than 400 gardens open to the public during Garden Walk Buffalo. My town has a few things worth bragging about and this is the crown jewel. We have literally the biggest garden walk in the nation. Many of the properties also feature outstanding homes, some dating back nearly a hundred years or more. The event has drawn journalists from Martha Stewart Living and top-level gardening publications. Some gardeners on the Walk sharing clippings of their beautiful plants, in a time-honored tradition among gardeners. If you’re ever in Western New York at the end of July, come on the Walk! You’ll meet some of the friendliest folks you’d ever want to meet, see some extraordinary architecture, and experience a gardener’s paradise. No lie, dozens of magazines and websites have said so!

Image result for buffalo city hallOur city hall has been called one of the finest examples of Art Deco architecture in the nation.  We had so many millionaires here that when the stock market crashed in 1929, funding for the building was secure and it opened in 1931.

Plus, when production is on in the General Mills plant, downtown really does smell like Cheerios 🙂

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Weekend Writing Warriors: 1/31/16: Serving the greater good

Happy last day of January! Days are lengthening. Soon this cold stuff here in the northern hemisphere will be a memory. Until then, settle back with a cup of your favorite drink and read the fun excerpts at Weekend Writing Warriors. Just about all genres are covered 🙂

Posting from my novel-in-progress, working title Night Shift. Devorah has passed on information to the angel Adrael about some sort of shake-up being planned at high levels of the demon hierarchy. She also mentioned that she heard something that might lead to finding out who really killed her father and why. When she asks Adrael for help with that second thing, he tells her that whatever the demons are planning is a bigger concern. She asks if they can investigate both. Adrael is the only speak in this excerpt; Mr. Barsukov is Kazimir, her mentor, who is also in the scene. In six sentences, too!

“Possibly, however, it must be understood that at any time you may need to fully involve yourself in the larger matter. Personal affairs must always remain second priority.” He raised a hand when I started to speak. “Allow me a further moment. I recognize that your father’s passing was and continues to be a crucial driving force in your life, even as you work alongside Mr. Barsukov in the Crosser mission. I remind you that such investigations do not serve the greater good, to which you have pledged yourself.”

You can find previous excerpts here.

I’m still working on aspects of the plot. I’m posting chapters at Scribophile. The story is told in first person from Devorah’s POV, and it’s a good thing I’m getting feedback on this draft because I didn’t realize that some parts are so deeply in Devorah’s POV that readers sometimes get confused 🙂 Some stuff that’s in my head didn’t make it onto the computer screen 🙂 I think that’s inevitable for most writers which is why we need critiquers we can rely on. Writing is a fascinating process. Sometimes, when I’m able to spend concentrated time writing, I get as tired from thinking as from physically exercising!

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