Works in progress

Current novel: working title Night Shift. Tagline: Devorah wants to find out why her father was killed; as police chief he had enemies but she believes it’s something more. But then comes news of something big being planned at high levels in the demon hierarchy and it’s up to Devorah and her mentor Kazimir to find out what it is before it tears up humanity.

Raised in a Jewish-Christian household, Devorah didn’t find much comfort in either religion when her police chief father was killed. She was sure some kind of cover-up stalled the investigation. When a guy shows up saying he knows who really killed her dad, she agrees to his plea to join him in a group of people who help maintain the balance between good and evil, Light and Dark. The balance is overdue to shift back from the Dark; without the Crossers to pull it back, humanity would be overwhelmed.

Devorah hears a clue that leads her to think she’ll finally get justice for her dad’s death but other news forces her to put personal desires on the back burner — something big is being planned at top levels in the demon hierarchy. Whatever’s coming will probably mean bad news for humans so the angels ask Devorah and Kazimir to investigate. What they find out even rattles Kaz, and he’s been a Crosser for over 400 years. Will Devorah have to choose between a deep need to get justice for her dad’s death or preventing hell’s demons from becoming stronger than they’ve ever been?


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